Alcohol Detecting Devices

There is a large amount of pressure being applied on our congress that would require all new vehicles sold in the United States to have alcohol-detecting devices. It is the hope that these devices will stop drunk drivers before they get on the road. These ignition interlock devices are already available in most communities. But, the proposed federal legislation would require that these devices be placed in all new vehicles. There are mixed thoughts about such legislation from the automakers. In 2015, Jaguar announced that it was researching a project known at “Sixth Sense” that would monitor a driver’s heartbeat to determine if the driver was fatigued or distracted. Volvo is also researching and analyzing technology for its vehicles that could monitor whether a driver was impaired through in-car cameras. As always, funding has become a major issue. Stay tuned on this topic. I will update you all as it progresses.

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