Can minors drink alcohol with parental supervision in Kansas? Yes, but here’s what to consider


Recently, the media reported about Kansas law as it relates to allowing minors (those eighteen years of age but not yet twenty-one years of age) to drink alcohol at his or her residence and while in the presence of the parent(s). The alcohol must be a cereal malt beverage (3.2% alcohol by volume) and the parents must supervise. It does not allow the child’s friends to partake under the same residence and supervision. While it is legal, parents may want to seriously consider some related issues such as allowing the child to leave the premises if the child has been ingesting alcohol. The minor could then be charged with being publicly intoxicated and the parents charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Certainly, if you are considering allowing your child to drink at home with you, do not let him or her drive a motor vehicle thereafter. The parents would then be subject to potential claims of negligence and specifically negligent entrustment if the child were involved in a wreck. Everyone have a safe and happy Labor Day.