Drinking, Driving & the Holiday Season

Drinking, Driving & the Holiday Season

The holiday season is again upon us which means drinking and driving becomes more prevalent. Each year, I give many presentations and write articles reminding people that the only way to avoid a DUI is to not drink and drive. While many listen, few take my advice seriously. Recently I gave a presentation to the Augusta Middle School encouraging students not to do drugs. Too many times I see young people believe there is a way to skirt the system. I share with them the stories I’ve seen and hope that they listen at an early age. However, when they do find themselves arrested for DUI or drug charges, I’m here to help. I’ve handled more than 4,000 cases and have seen it all. I’m passionate about helping my clients get back on their feet and on with their lives. If you find yourself in trouble, give me a call. Also, check out my article in this month’s Splurge magazine as a reminder to stay safe this holiday season.

John Rapp speaks on drinking and driving

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