Oklahoma bill would bar those with DUI conviction from buying alcohol

A new proposal in Oklahoma would bar drunk drivers from buying or consuming alcohol — and already is raising concerns over how it would be enforced.

Fox 25 in Oklahoma City reports that state Sen. Patrick Anderson is proposing a bill that would allow a judge to enforce the alcohol restrictions on anyone with a DUI charge for a set period of time.

Further, it could end up punishing those caught buying alcohol for someone subject to those restrictions.

Defense attorney Richard Roth described the measure as a needed deterrent to stop repeat offenders from drunk-driving.

“This is a deterrent, and there must be something done,” Roth told Fox News, while acknowledging “it’s hard to enforce.”

Former federal prosecutor Doug Burns, though, said the proposal could land someone before a judge for something as simple as going to the store to pick up wine for the family. He called the prohibition against buying alcohol “crazy.”

Defense attorney David Slane also told Fox 25 the bill has problems.

“Keep in mind the consumption of alcohol has never been illegal unless you were underage and in this case they are saying we want the court to enforce something that’s almost unenforceable,” he said.


Source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2015/01/05/oklahoma-bill-would-bar-those-with-dui-conviction-from-buying-alcohol/

1 thought on “Oklahoma bill would bar those with DUI conviction from buying alcohol

  1. Katie Cain

    There has to be more opposition for this rule. But when it comes to the point that the rule is implemented for your own safety, there is no question of enforcing it. My personal opinion is that implementing this law could make remarkable changes. Cheers!

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