Utah lawmakers pass toughest DUI limit in U.S.

Earlier this year, I shared that Utah was considering lowering the legal limit for DUIs. Last week Utah has passed legislation lowering its DUI limit to .05 – a first in the nation. Currently, all 50 states have a .08 cap. The measure is now on it’s way to the governor of Utah, who has previously said he supports this bill.

This could be a single drink for many people. If other legislatures follow suit and pass a zero tolerance driving under the influence statute many could not even have any alcohol and drive.

The law was met with mixed reactions and some think it won’t address the underlying issues of traffic fatalities that involve alcohol. If passed, the law wouldn’t take affect until December 30, 2018. To see more on this story, click here.

As always, I will continue to watch legislation that could influence our lawmakers in Kansas and keep you informed.

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